Miscellaneous Use

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Application Directions

For access and directions on how to fill out to application, check the other agricultural uses or subscribe on the main page.

Once the application is submitted, you need to prove use is and was on the property on January 1. Try and take photographs of the use as close to January 1st as possible for documentation. Time and date stamp your photos if possible.

The property appraiser will typically give an Agricultural Classification on whatever lands are used. The more land used may result in more Agricultural Classified Lands. If the Ag Classification will save you money (check out the excel file below for a general idea) try and apply for all the acres on the property to see what you can get. Why limit your tax savings?

The DOR property use codes contain a “Miscellaneous” use code for an Agricultural Classification. Several county websites such as Hendry, Polk, and Miami Dade have Misc Ag Class on their websites. Merriam-Webster Dictionary (online) defines miscellaneous is defined as “consisting of diverse things or members” therefore an Agricultural Classification for miscellaneous use is when you have several different uses on the property and want to apply for all of them. An example of this would be agroforestry.

Agroforestry is defined as the interaction between agriculture and some kind of use for trees (an example is cattle, donkeys, chickens, bees and goats on the ground, and coconut trees and other fruit trees in the pastures. The chickens eat the bugs, the livestock graze leaving nitrogen rich manure for the trees to flourish and the fruit trees produce the fruit while providing shade to the livestock and bees. The bees pollinate the fruit trees while making food for themselves. Of course the donkeys provide the protection…

Read up on some agricultural systems here:


Another example is integrating hydroponics with aquaculture. The filtered water from the aquaponics feed the hydroponic plants and the plants filter that water back to be used by the fish forming a cyclical system.

When applying for a miscellaneous agricultural use, be specific you are applying for a “miscellaneous use”. The benefits are that one may evolve the use as the property evolves or how business evolves. Even though there may be a change in the way the property is being used, an application should accompany a business plan which should discuss all the different uses on the property at the very least. In addition, include the number of livestock, amount of lbs. in produce or any other specific production from the specific uses. I would suggest including a copy of your income taxes and a business license along with the application too.

Take a look at any of the other application processes on the main page to get a deeper look into each use and business aspect of the different agricultural uses you want to incorporate in your agribusiness.

Florida Business License Application process: https://www.stateofflorida.com/corporations/

For legal documentation look at these websites:  

Always make sure to claim any profits or losses on your yearly income taxes too!